Colombera Golf

Colombera Golf

Colombera Golf
via Barussa 1
25030 Castrezzato
Tel.: +39 030 714485
9 Holes

6 Ratings







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1 Review

Wonderful experience


Firstly I have to say, if you come here you need to have lunch or dinner here, because the food is just great. Also you will have fun looking or riding horses after the round, which is unprecedented for me! The golf course is only 12 holes, but it's just manicured and maintained so well, I would love to see if they manage to build a few more holes. There are 3 par 3s. Water hazards are basically the main obstacle on the course, but also A few trees on the sides of the fairways, so hitting your first shot straight will definitely be key. Greens are ok. You will definitely have fun here!

Elisabetta Bertini

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