Sponsored Apps

With a branded golf app, you reach the golfer target audience without any wastage on the most personal of all devices and at a positive point in time – when taking part in their favourite hobby.

The advantages are

  • Modern and up-to-the-minute form of advertising
  • Target audience reachable continually, at flexible times, irrespective of location
  • High degree of acceptance/response
  • Precise measurability/detailed analysis options

Today, many people can program an app but a good app needs to be continually enhanced. And a golf app is only ever as good as the golf course database that it is based on. We offer a degree of data precision that has never been achieved before. We have also taken marketing to a new level, enabling us to guarantee you quantifiable success, in terms of unique users as well as sessions.

Contact us – we would be happy to discuss the opportunities provided by a sponsored app with you in detail.

Artigo Solutions AG
E-mail: apps@expertgolf.com

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