Winge Golf & Country Club

Winge Golf & Country Club

Winge Golf & Country Club
Leuvensesteenweg 252
3390 Sint Joris Winge
Tel.: +32 16 63 40 53
27 Holes

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1 Review

Up and down


Winge is a real roller-coaster of a course, everything is up, down, through the woods, narrow doglegs this way and that way. A couple of the fairways are severely sloped left-right – meaning the you almost have to land your ball in the semi-rough on one side to prevent it from rolling all the way across to the rough on the other side. The 10th has an impossible approach for most bogey-golfers, forcing an awkward layup. What I liked best about Winge was the driving range, hitting out to the water with floating balls.

Kaia Means

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