Noria Golf Club

Noria Golf Club

Noria Golf Club
Km. 5, Route de Tahanaout
Tel.: +212 5 24 38 38 59
18 Holes

38 Ratings







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I’ve been to marrakesh many times and till this year I never payed attention on the road going to Samanah golf club of this beautiful course on the left side of the road, which apparently is the most ‘liked’ by marrocan players. Its a very new course, and construction is still premature on the sides of the holes. Its a very typical moroccan course, which are usually very wide and really well manicured. During the round you will notice three very interesting landscape: firstly olive trees, then lavender fields, which I absolutely loved and then a more desert atmosphere later on in the round. The hole you will definitely remember is the par 3 on the front nine where you be playing over a bell tower, just stunning. The club house is a real beauty, surrounded by a stunning garden.

Elisabetta Bertini

Awesome course


One of the best in Morocco. It's a course that embraces its surroundings with natural creeks and a water wheel (noria). You'll also be greeted by olive orchards, lavender fields and rugged dessert terrain. It's a site to behold at times. The course matches the setting with very true greens, well manicured bunkers and fairways, and friendly staff. Best hole at 8 - elevated tee playing to a rectangular green by water and a bell tower.


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Spezielle Grünform


Überraschend sind hier einige Grüns rechteckig. Spannend dann beim Näherkommen das sie das Recht onduliert sind.




Interesting design on some holes, quite unique. So worth playing once. But beer in the clubhouse at €8 is excessive.




herrlicher neuer platz mit viel potential nach oben unglaublich schnelle grüns bunkerlandschaften wie nach einem meteoriteneinschlag extrem lange wege zwischen den abschlägen noch unverbaut


Marrakechs Wüste


Dieser Platz hat eine hohe Vegetation und ein sehr gutes Layout! Loch 8,9,18 haben besonderen Charme durch die rechteckigen Grüns. Leider sind die Fairways mit grüner Farbe bespritzt worden.

Eric Dreyfus

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