Trouble Shots and Quick Fix Guide.
A practical guide for use on the course
by Yves C. Ton-That, 36 pages, 140-plus full-color illustrations, plastic coated, spiral binding
ISBN 978-3-909596-96-6
US$ 14.95
UK£ 12.99
€ 14.95

Trouble Shots and Quick Fix Guide

As every golfer knows, if the ball doesn’t land on the fairway your problems are only just beginning. Your ball could be on a slope, in tall grass or bushes, on the lip of a bunker, on stony ground etc. etc. Regrettably, on the driving range golfers only practice shots from flat, closely-mown ground and always place the ball on a nice tuft of grass.

In this compact guide, best-selling author Yves Ton-That (“Golf Rules Quick Reference”, more than 1.5 million copies sold) gives the reader tips for every seemingly hopeless situation – short and concise, illustrated and easy-to-understand. Thanks to the structure with sections from tee to green, golfers can find the information they need in an instant. A quick fix guide for eliminating mistakes makes the practical ring-bound booklet the ideal accompaniment on the course.

The tips are based on many years of competition experience by leading golf professionals. We’d be willing to bet that “Golf Trouble Shots and Quick Fix Guide” will help you save a number of strokes on your next round.