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The Perfect Rules Package

More than 2000 golf clubs and academies throughout the world already use our books and teaching materials. Designed for use during lessons on rules and etiquette we have summarized the most important topics from the books in two presentations. Animated graphics and videos make organising rules classes extremely easy.

New golf rules 2019

This presentation contains the 25 most important rules changes for 2019 and is ideal for a member’s information event.

Price: Free of charge for our customers
System requirements: Internet connection
Available languages: English, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian and Swedish

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Presentation for rules classes

This presentation contains rules as well as etiquette and is ideal for rules classes.

Price: EUR 265.00 / CHF 295.00 (plus VAT)
System requirements: Internet connection
Available languages: French and German

“The slides and the structure of the course are absolutely excellent. Working with these materials is a pleasure.”
H.R. Haberlin, GC Erlen

“The slides are so well designed that a golf expert can use them to give excellent rules classes without further training being necessary.”
W. Martin, Swiss Golf Bubikon

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