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Tips (“Trouble Shots and Quick Fix Guide” App)

  • GOLF & COUNTRY wrote: “Quick fix guide for trouble shots.”
  • GOLF JOURNAL wrote: “The golf coach for your pocket.”
  • GOLFERS ONLY wrote: “Always helpful.”

The golf tips from “Expert Golf” are like a virtual golf coach who always has just the right advice for every situation, irrespective of how hopeless it seems. For example, the app gives you valuable tips for balls on slopes, in tall grass, in bushes, on the lip of a bunker, on stony ground etc. There is also a “Quick fixes” section that helps players solve problems such as a pronounced slice, topped shots etc.

Thanks to intuitive navigation, technically inexperienced users can also benefit from all the advantages of Expert Golf straight away. The application is so easy to use that a user manual is superfluous. You find the right solution with a maximum of 3 clicks.

  • Click on the area where your ball is located.
  • Click on the heading that corresponds to your difficult lie or problem.
  • The correct step-by-step procedure is shown using more than 200 graphics and animated illustrations.


How it works