Hills Golf & Sports Club

Hills Golf & Sports Club

Hills Golf & Sports Club
Hills väg
43 151 Mölndal
Tel.: +46 31 727 1500
18 Löcher

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Get a buggy!


One of the most talked about golf courses in Sweden as its one of the few that is centered on golf cart use. It's been constructed on a wide area and so the designers designed to use it all for 18 holes. The course itself has a good balance between short and long holes, but also with trees and water hazards. The greens need to be maintained better. Overall it's a great course and it's fast to play.

Elisabetta Bertini

Impossible to walk


We were told that 'nobody' walks this course, as it would probably take more than five hours to play if we walked. Lots of elevation changes. A par 3 that is a monster over the water. Difficult greens with lots of movement. Plenty to remind you how poor of a golfer you really are. But still a memorable experience.

Kaia Means

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