Adriatic Golf Club Cervia

Adriatic Golf Club Cervia

Adriatic Golf Club Cervia
via Jelenia Gora 6
48016 Milano Marittima
Tel.: +39 0544 992786
27 Löcher

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Humor 2019


Sehr gepflegter Platz. Hervorragende Grüns. Angenehmes Clubhaus mit sehr netten Personal. CH ist etwas älter, aber immer noch charmant. Lockerrooms sind sauber und haben einen eigenen Charme (-;


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Great location


The best thing about this course is the location, in the heart of Emilia Romagna's Milano Marittima, which is extremely known for summer vacations. During summer they also organize great and fun events which include golf or not. It's a great and fun course, very flat but with many obstacles with trees and out of bounds on the sides of the holes and water hazards. The restaurant is really good.

Elisabetta Bertini

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