Lübker Golf Club

Lübker Golf Club

Lübker Golf Club
Trent Jones Allé 3
8581 Nimtofte
Tel.: +45 38408050
27 Holes

43 Ratings







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It's Danish and difficult


I played Lübker at the grand opening in September 2008, all three loops (Sand, Sky, Forest). The greens were slick as a billiards table. With the movement of those greens, four putting was more common in my group than two putting. The rough was severe and some of the holes were scary long, especially considering the wind. But we all admired the quality that was evident. We figured that it would take a few years for the course to settle and also for the management to change a few things in order to make it more playable. I should go back and see how it's aged....

Kaia Means

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Danmarks bedste


Lübker er efter min mening Danmarks bedste golfbane 👍⛳️